This Time It’s Different

You’ve been here before.

You told your friends that you were going to lose weight last year…only to fall off the wagon two weeks later and give up.

You managed to successfully fit into those old pair of pants back in January…before getting sick.

You won that weight loss competition at work…and immediately put all of the weight back on.

You started a blog to track your progress…and then gave up after two weeks.

You went to the gym for a whole month straight…before things at work got busy.

You’ve told yourself dozens of times before that “this time its going to be different” …before doing things the same way as before and getting the same results.

No more.

This time, it really IS different.

This time, you’ve identified the real reasons you want to get in shape.  Not just because your doctor said so, but because you want to look good naked, build up the courage to ask out the cute waitress or waiter, because you want to set a good example for your children, or because you want to be YOU.

This time, you’ve identified your kryptonite and know how to avoid it.

This time, you’ve identified how to build systems and remove emotion from the equation.

This time, you’ve built your support team.

This time, you’ve finally learned how to eat right and not let drinking stand in the way.

This time, you’ve decided to put your money where your mouth is, like Saint.

This time, you’ve stopped collecting underpants and put your focus on phase two.  

This time, you’ve learned how to track your progress.

This time, you’ve finally realized that “eventually” never happens.

This time, you’ve finally realized that the ONLY person who believes your excuses is you.

Prove them wrong

When you tell your friends you’re going to get in shape, they might say “good for you” while secretly doubting you.

And who can blame them?  You’ve been here before.

Prove them wrong.

And while you’re at it, prove that little voice in your head that says “you can’t do this” WRONG too.

Every single day, quietly “go to work” and get a little bit better.

Be thankful for all of the times you’ve failed before.  

They got you where you are today.

And today’s a brand new freaking day.

This time, it’s different.

Now prove it.



photo: staircase

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41 thoughts on “This Time It’s Different

  1. WHAT A PERFECT DAY FOR THIS POST! I JUST STARTED OVER DOING THE PALEO THING TODAY! As I was reading I was checkmarking every thing i was guilty of (whole list 🙁 ). BUT NEVER AGAIN! HA HA!

  2. Wow Steve, it’s almost like you were reading my mind with this post and calling me out.

    Sounds all too familiar. These types of posts is the exact reason why I’m so thankful I’ve found this site. This right here puts me in check.

    oh by the way by the looks of the pic I love being NF’s biggest walking, talking, blogging, social media, Billboard.

  3. Man is this timely!   Is this an appropriate place for a discussion?

    “This time, you’ve identified the real reasons you want to get in shape. (LOSE WEIGHT)” 

    No, I haven’t.  As Steve lays out, that’s problem #1 from which all other problems are but details.  I have lots of reasons.  None powerful enough to put down the muffin and beer that was my dinner at 11PM last night.  I forget those reasons a lot when stressed and faced with just-get-through-the-day-minute-by-minute-survival.

    Success at losing weight, especially in the first month, is going to take enormous, pretty much impossible energy.  And I have lots of real boulders right now.  I forget why I’ve chosen weight loss.

    Try again for the 100th time, without a clear reason?  So many days I try to eat better.  Sometimes I get through a day or maybe two.  Can’t seem to do three.  If I were to succeed, it would be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  (Small kids, long commute, stressful job, no autonomy.  Plenty of days I literally can’t make dinner / grocery shop.)

    What I am doing is optimus prime inspired small steps.  Angry birds workout during the day with a closed office door.  One night of pilates class.  30 minutes of fast rowing 3 times a week.  Switching to red wine and my beloved Yuengling Light Lager.

    Should I just be proud of that and keep putting the baby steps one after another?

  4. It is different this time! I’ve stuck with a workout that is working for me and I’m making progress. One of the best parts (aside from feeling and looking better) is that other people I know are reaching out to me to talk about their goals, and they’re asking for advice.

  5. Absolutely you should be proud of baby steps!  To rehash the often used Lao-tzu quote: “A journey of a thousand miles stars with a single step.”

    And as for discussion, you’ll get more feedback here:

  6. Amen.

    I think in most fitness circles, particularly those geared toward helping people lose fat, the motivation aspect isn’t emphasized nearly as hard as it should be. It’s easy to learn how to eat right and to put together a list of exercises to do, it’s not easy to develop the willpower and motivation to stick to the plan.

  7. Tears! This post got me all misty eyed.  Because IT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME.  Ugh, I love this website. I love you Steve.  I love all you nerds out there who want to get your shit together just like me.  I’m a blubbering idiot.  (I’m on Day 5 of paleo and I’m detoxing and a moody emotional wreck, don’t mind me.)  ♥

  8. This time it really is different, but I don’t know why. The not knowing makes me a little nervous, but I’m trying not to think too hard about it. 

  9. This time is different for me!  I’ve started Couch to 5k and I feel great!  My mom was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma and my stepson’s mom was diagnosed with diabetes and she’s only a few years older than I and we are both in our 30s.  It was a huge wake up call to get it together and start taking better care of myself so I will be around for a long time to take care of those I love.  And when it gets tough, I remind myself what my mom has to go through with chemo and then it seems pretty easy in comparison.

  10. This was exactly what I needed today. Thank you for the continued inspiration.

  11. As always, a great post.

    It really is different for me this time. the vague ‘I want to get thin’ reason has been replaced by a genuine need to get healthy. I was still struggling with positive motivation until I stumbleupon’d NF. Thank you so much.

  12. Loved loved loved this post & the timing was perfect – was able to share it with a friend or two at an opportune moment (and hope to see at least one of them in the NF community soonish!)

  13. haha, this perfect!  because this NF Challenge opened with me having a sprained ankle and bronchitis.  and now that I’ve almost recovered from the latter and am making progress on the first, I was worried about loving my momentum for getting back on track with eating right and working out.

    as always, Steve — excellent timing!

  14. I. love. this. post.  My favorite part of today:  being asked by someone I see weekly if I was still working out and being able to say yes. 

  15.  I am in support of wonderland, this project is seeing very good fame and should be continued. I’m up for moral support and would do my part to promote this wonderful project.

  16. This time, it really is different for me. For the first time in my life, I’ve found a sport I love, and am motivated to train hard and with focus, treat myself right (by sleeping enough, by eating properly, by not making excuses), and let myself dream.

    Serious about the dreaming, btw. If it takes fantasizing about making it to provincials/nationals/worlds/the Olympics to keep me in the gym, then f*ck it, I’ll do it. It’s good to have feasible goals, but it’s also important to have crazy pipe dreams that make you reach for the glory.

  17. Should I just be proud of that and keep putting the baby steps one after another?

    Yes! Of course! That’s huge. 100 baby steps in a row add up, especially if you keep at it. Some days for me it’s an accomplishment to lift heavier than I ever have before, and some days it’s an accomplishment for me merely to have three pieces of chocolate instead of six. It’s hard, but keep at it- you’re doing everything right.

  18. It is different this time for me.  Lets make it happen.  Lets transform my life

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  20. So true!
    Excuses are only made up to justify our own shortcomings.
    And everyone other than our own selves are smart enough to realize what an excuse is, we only justify ourselves with them!

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