This Time It’s Different

You’ve been here before.

You told your friends that you were going to lose weight last year…only to fall off the wagon two weeks later and give up.

You managed to successfully fit into those old pair of pants back in January…before getting sick.

You won that weight loss competition at work…and immediately put all of the weight back on.

You started a blog to track your progress…and then gave up after two weeks.

You went to the gym for a whole month straight…before things at work got busy.

You’ve told yourself dozens of times before that “this time its going to be different” …before doing things the same way as before and getting the same results.

No more.

This time, it really IS different.

This time, you’ve identified the real reasons you want to get in shape.  Not just because your doctor said so, but because you want to look good naked, build up the courage to ask out the cute waitress or waiter, because you want to set a good example for your children, or because you want to be YOU.

This time, you’ve identified your kryptonite and know how to avoid it.

This time, you’ve identified how to build systems and remove emotion from the equation.

This time, you’ve built your support team.

This time, you’ve finally learned how to eat right and not let drinking stand in the way.

This time, you’ve decided to put your money where your mouth is, like Saint.

This time, you’ve stopped collecting underpants and put your focus on phase two.  

This time, you’ve learned how to track your progress.

This time, you’ve finally realized that “eventually” never happens.

This time, you’ve finally realized that the ONLY person who believes your excuses is you.

Prove them wrong

When you tell your friends you’re going to get in shape, they might say “good for you” while secretly doubting you.

And who can blame them?  You’ve been here before.

Prove them wrong.

And while you’re at it, prove that little voice in your head that says “you can’t do this” WRONG too.

Every single day, quietly “go to work” and get a little bit better.

Be thankful for all of the times you’ve failed before.  

They got you where you are today.

And today’s a brand new freaking day.

This time, it’s different.

Now prove it.



photo: staircase

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