Turn Fitness Into a Game: New workouts, Fun Quests, and Epic Boss Battles

Today is a really cool day for me and Team Nerd Fitness, as I get to make two massive announcements.

This first announcement is about our flagship program, the Nerd Fitness Academy. 

For those who don’t know, The Academy is an online, self-paced course and fitness “quest” tracking system with over 20,000 students from every corner of the globe. We’re proud of it!

For the past six months, we’ve been diligently working on our 3rd massive Nerd Fitness Academy overhaul, and I’m fired up to tell you all about it. Our previous update brought a questing system (so you can level up by completing fitness missions) and an uber supportive private community.

This new update is even bigger! Here are some of the recent things people have said:

Academy Testimonial 11
Academy Testimonial 2

Academy Testimonial 3
The new updates were a lot of energy and effort – but these posts make it all worth it! We’re excited to see current members digging in and using the updates to get results.


I was so excited to share the new changes with you – I did something a little silly.

I sat down and recorded myself talking about the updates (and making nerdy jokes) inside my apartment in NYC. I then proceeded to spend a good 15 hours editing this myself, while just laughing maniacally the whole time. (It’s healthy to laugh at your own jokes, right?)

Click the image below to see me make a fool of myself, while walking through every single section of the NEW Nerd Fitness Academy.

Steve Academy Video Screenshot

(By the way If you’re already a NF Academy member, make sure you log into your account – you have received all these updates already completely free. Woot!)

Anyways, since launching the Nerd Fitness Academy in 2013, we’ve helped 20,000+ members change their lives, build a healthier relationship with food, find an amazing support group, get stronger, and look in the mirror with pride.

The support of NF Academy Members with each other is nothing short of amazing. This is also the third time we’ve overhauled and updated the Academy (with all updates free to all previous students).

Academy Testimonial 5

We’re always looking for ways to improve the experience for those in the Rebellion, and we heard two major questions from students over and over:

  • What workout should I start with?
  • How do I know when I should level up to the next workout?

Although we provided people with a ton of workout plans, the questions were valid – if we couldn’t tell you specifically what to do and when to do it, there could be room for confusion. So we set out to fix that.

Thus, we made four MAJOR changes to the NF Academy:

  1. We added all-new workout routines designed by Jim Bathurst, NF’s Master of the Fitness Universe, and 10 boss battles that let you know when you’re able to level up from one routine to the next. Yes, our boss battles involve names like Overlord Thundersquat and Captain Jacked Sparrow.
  2. 87 new multi-angle, high-definition videos demonstrating each movement. If you’ve ever wondered how to do a movement, Jim talks you through the movement and gives you pointers to remember while Staci demonstrates how to modify a movement to make it easier or more challenging.
  3. The Academy Benchmark Test: If you have ever wondered which workout to start with or what you should be doing, simply follow the instructions on our workout calibration test and it’ll tell you exactly what workout to start with! No thinking – just doing!
  4. A vastly improved mobile experience. We’ve redesigned the NF Academy’s mobile experience. If you’re somebody who wants to quickly access information or a workout from your phone at the gym, it’s easier now than ever before.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.00.56 AM

While we have thousands of testimonials and Rebel stories from around the world of The Academy changing people’s life – we don’t want to sit back and take anything for granted.

We don’t charge existing Academy members a dime for all these updates or new workouts, videos, benchmark tests, boss battles, and new navigation… instead we gladly give it to everyone for free to help them level up even more easily (and in many cases have a lot more fun!).

If you aren’t a member of the Nerd Fitness Academy, it’s available for a single payment (or 3 monthly payments), with lifetime access to caeverything.

We’re so proud of what we built and I am confident that these workouts, the advice, and the amazing support group will be enough to help you get the lifelong results you want, permanently. No quick fixes, no 30-day rushes…

Just a healthier, stronger, and leveled up life.

Click here to check out the new and improved Academy – with brand new workouts and boss battles.

If you haven’t already joined us, give it a try and let’s talk about this on the other side (inside The Academy!). There’s a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t immediately get into action and see improvements.

The Rebellion is Growing all over!

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.01.06 AM

Whether or not you join the 20,000 Rebels inside the Nerd Fitness Academy, there are a ton of things to look forward to here at Nerd Fitness. In case you haven’t had a chance to meet Jim Bathurst at Camp Nerd Fitness, where’s he’s been our head trainer the past two years, he’s now the Master of the Fitness Universe on Team Nerd Fitness:

Jim has 10 years experience in Personal Training and CrossFit, where he was voted Best Personal Trainer in DC, was Director of CrossFit Foggy Bottom which was voted best CrossFit Gym in DC, and internationally requested to give gymnastic seminars due to his gymnastic tutorial site BeastSkills.com. He’s competed in both Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting competitions and used to flip through hoops of fire on the University of Maryland’s Gymkana troupe.

In addition to more planned updates coming to the NF Academy, we have a ton of new free updates coming to NerdFitness.com and the same goofy, informative content you’ve come to expect. We’ll be bringing some updates to all members of the Rebellion in the future that I can’t wait to share with you, including free quests for your NF character!

I hope to see you in the new Nerd Fitness Academy, and I can’t wait to hear your success story. Nothing makes me happier than sharing stories like these:

Academy Testimonial 12
Academy Testimonial 10.png
Ashley testimony
Academy Testimonial 7
Thank you for being part of the Rebellion, and thanks for reading this far. I’m excited to see what other awesome tools we can build for you to give you a power-up on your journey to a healthier life.

For the Rebellion!!!!

-Steve Kamb and Team NF

PS: In case you just skip to the bottom of these things because I get too wordy (guilty), go check out all of the new kick-ass stuff in the Nerd Fitness Academy, our flagship course that has 20,000+ members leveling up their lives and completing quests!

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    27 thoughts on “Turn Fitness Into a Game: New workouts, Fun Quests, and Epic Boss Battles

    1. When I first saw this a few months ago, I was excited. Till I saw the price. $99 seemed insane. So then I researched around checking forums and the like. A lot of people shared my concern. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea. It sounds cool. But as someone who buys software for games and applications, this is way over priced. Now I get an email saying its going to be increased to $179?

      Am I missing something? How is this worth that much?

    2. Man Steve – you sure have Epic timing! Last week I was trying to encourage someone on the forum to join the NF Academy because I can’t gush enough about how amazing my experience has been. For people who can do this on their own… awesome, kudos to you, I’m SUPER jealous, save the money for something else.

      For everyone else, if you are ready to make your life about something more than just some numbers on a scale, then yes, the Nerd Fitness Academy is very worth it… at $99, or even $179. Cut out the soda, junk food, prepackaged foods, and before you know it, the NF Academy will have paid for itself. I’m doing things now I never even KNEW I wanted to do, just by completing the quests. I’m a 43-year-old single mom, who found a hiking trail and climbed it… by myself… for the first time.. EVER, and I’m about to start drum lessons I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to take! My Epic Quest… be able to play Queen of the Stone Age’s “No One Knows” within 6-12 months 🙂

      I can say with 100% certainty that had it not been for joining, there is no way I would have done 2/3rds of the stuff I’ve done in the past few months…I am so glad I plunked down the moola!

    3. I’ve lost 17 pounds in the two months since I spent that $99. It was worth it to me. In the previous three years I spent over a thousand dollars on gym memberships and lost maybe 5 pounds.

      One of my pet peeves about the gym was they’d give me a list of exercises to do but there was nobody available to show me how to do them unless I wanted to hire one of their trainers. (Staff at the check-in desk would help if they could, but they weren’t trainers.) Nerd Fitness Academy has videos showing exactly how to do each movement, AND ways to modify them if you’re not able, though lack of flexibility or other reasons, to do them as shown.

      But the main reason I like this program is it’s easy to understand, and it takes human behavior into account. Instead of just dropping a book full of checklists on you and saying, “Do this and we’ll weigh you again in six months,” the first dozen or so tasks in the Academy don’t even involve exercise. They walk you through mindset and motivation – getting you to understand why you even want to try getting fit – and nutrition. The nutrition tasks are easy to follow, geared to educate you to make healthy decisions and instill habits that you’ll fall back on when your willpower is low.

      THEN you can start exercising. They have a quick test you can do at home to gauge your current fitness level, then they recommend a set of starting workouts and a plan to progress to more advanced workouts as you improve. But it’s not a fixed program; you can switch around, focus on different areas to work on, move up or down the progression as you’re able. Along the entire path they offer information to help you make informed choices and options to help you tailor the program to your personal situation (i.e. lack of gym access, etc.).

      I’ll be blunt. A lot of the information Nerd Fitness is based on is available elsewhere. But what NF brings to the table is: 1) it’s all in one place instead of scattered over dozens of books and hundreds of web sites, 2) the sources are linked so you can read them and judge for yourself if they’re relevant, 3) it’s presented in a way that you don’t have to read, study, compare, and try to convert into an actionable plan. It’s already an actionable plan. You can be as mentally lazy as you want to be and still work it.

      I think that’s worth the price of a game and a couple of DLC updates. And I didn’t even need to buy a new computer to run it.

      Sorry about gushing like that, but I’m impressed with Nerd Fitness and I don’t tend to impress easily.

      Disclaimer: I’m not an employee or partner of Nerd Fitness, but I am a satisfied customer.

    4. You get this for LIFE!!!! And it helps you change your life 🙂 $100 bucks to improve your life in drastically amazing ways is … well, worth it, right? I mean, we spend $100 on new shoes EVERY YEAR. And clothes, and food, and music, and video games.

      Think about it as an investment in your future. I’d spend way more than $100 on a ton of things that don’t last… but this is access you get forever! 🙂

      (Believe me–it’s totally worth it)

    5. Hi Antonio. There seems to be some confusion around the price. This is one-time fee of $99 (soon to be $179) for full access to the Nerd Fitness system for life.

      If you were to hire a personal trainer, you’re most likely going to pay around $99 for ONE session. Additionally, the P90X and Insanity video programs are around $120. A basic membership at 24-hour fitness is $40 per month (after the initial $135 startup fee), but includes no intructor nor guidance, nor system of progression. So I’m not sure what your objections are to the price.

      Sure, if you compare the Nerd Fitness program to a typical $60 video game, it seems more expensive. But you’ll finish a game in a month or so. This is a life membership, and not a video game. And if you compare NF with other fitness options, it becomes a great value.

      I’m not a member yet (saving my money) but I recognize the value for the price, so I’ll probably take the plunge this week. And frankly, if you’re so hung up on spending $100 on giving yourself access to a system that can transform your body, energy and life, then I question your commitment to self-improvement (which will probably cost some money along the way).

      If you want to sit around for two months and complain about the price, then do that. But no one is going to change your life for you. No one is going to pick up weights for you nor go shopping for you. It’s all on you, baby.

      You’re obviously interested in this site to be coming back 2+ months later. So are you going to answer the call, or get caught up on the price?

      Consider this a friendly, but firm, kick in the rear. Stop whining and get started.

    6. Just a quick question about enrolling in NFA, I left a comment on the Facebook page before I remembered the comments on these articles. It’s somewhat private, though, so I was wondering if there was some other way of getting in touch I could use?

    7. Ok, first I want to say this really is an awesome program. The people are great. The articles are great. The program really is great. However, I have to say lately I have been wondering if eventually I will be not be able to afford all this neat stuff. I have a family to support. I can’t afford the personal trainer. I can’t afford the camp. If I wasn’t a lifetime member already, I wouldn’t be able to afford the new price either. I really do love Nerd Fitness; I just hope I can afford to continue to do so in the future.

    8. Whining because I question the price? Yea that’s a good way to convince someone.

    9. *sigh*

      Well if you want to focus on the last line of my comment to you, instead of everything else I mentioned about the value of the service, that’s fine.

      I didn’t mean offense with my whining comment, and I could have left that part out. But honestly, Antonio, I’m calling it like I see it.

      To spend two months complaining about a simple one time payment of $99? That mindset will not guide you to make the changes you need to make to make your life better. Just think about the progress you would have made in those two months, if you’d just gotten started instead of getting hung up over $99. It’s silly. And yes. I’m telling you that it’s silly. Not to offend you, but to provide useful feedback about your mindset.

      I’m pretty sure you probably make more money than me, too. Again, it’s not really about the money. It’s about the mindset, which I’m attempting to illustrate to you.

      In my life, I’ve had many people say things to me that I felt were out of line, but it turns out I needed to hear them. Because I know what it’s like to have silly priorities. And sometimes it takes strong words to get through to someone who is stubborn and just playing out their story for not having gotten started.

      So you can choose to have hurt feelings about my one single use of the word whining, or you can choose to understand that I’m trying to encourage you to refocus your focus so that you’ll actually make some real life changes.

      It’s a great deal, man. You should do it. I’m sorry if my tone isn’t pleasing to you. This isn’t a price issue. It’s a mindset issue.

      Much luck to you.

    10. Oh, I am super tempted! $100 is a great value for a lifetime membership, but still not a purchase I’d make lightly. I am not 100% sure it’ll be a good fit for me, but with a 60-day money-back guarantee, I’m seriously considering it. I’ve been curious about it for a long while now. Worst case scenario, I check it out, it isn’t something that clicks for me, and I get my money back.

    11. Well, if you think about it there’s mediocre fitness courses selling for well over $300…
      And none that are as fun and well planned out as this one, so in essence it’s actually really cheap.
      Don’t take my word for it though, just look it up yourself!

    12. When you’re not American, these prices are just too much if there’s a terrible exchange rate. Not the fault of Nerd Fitness, but for a lot of Canadians, it’s just out of reach right now.

    13. I’m a little sad as I was planning on enrolling next payday but I want to confirm. If we need to do payments, are the individual payments increasing or is the /number/ of payments increasing? I can’t afford more than the $39 a month as I am only part time but would love to enroll.

    14. Silly question, is there any type of scholarship or payment plan available? I’m generally broke (thanks, high cost of rent in Alaska!), but trying to save for this, but I won’t be able to make it before the price increases out of feasibility for me. Are there any options?

      Thank you!

    15. There was a 3 payment of $39 plan originally but I’m not sure if it’s continuing.

    16. Is this worth it if you don’t use Facebook? I am not on FB by choice, and before I register, I need to know if that is where the community is located. … if so, it’d be barely worth it to me to pay the old price let alone double price, since I’d be wanting the accountability and support.

      Can anyone tell me?

    17. There’s a Nerd Fitness forum (click the Forums link in the bar at the top of the page) that doesn’t require Facebook membership.

      I’m not a fan of Facebook either, but I have to use it because apparently the rest of my family has forgotten how to dial a telephone. So since I’m there anyway I joined the NF group. I have to say, it’s one of the best behaved online communities I’ve ever read. I don’t think I’ve seen a troll yet.

    18. I’ve been following this site since I was twelve. I’ve been wondering for a while, and finally found age restrictions in the disclaimer. I really want to join but I still have three more years…. I have the money I just don’t have the legality XD I’m just glad you can view the blog freely. It helps a lot.

    19. I don’t care much for Facebook either. I joined the academy a couple months ago and tried to get into the FB part of it, but it just didn’t click.

      For me, the academy is still totally worth it. I like the levelling approach to the exercise routines complete with boss battles, the nutrition and class-specific quest, and the videos are great. But then:
      A) I get plenty of online support free from the Nerd Fitness forums (Go Rangers!)
      B) I don’t consider $100 a huge amount to invest in myself. I save some money every month into an education fund, so it doesn’t eat into my regular budget when an opportunity comes up.

      Bottom line: if your main interest is in the accountability and support, and you don’t like Facebook, the Academy is not for you. Join the free forum instead. (Seriously, join anyways. Pick a class and you’ll have a great supportive community.) If your main interest is in a fun and guided approach to getting healthy, and you accept this as a life-long journey, then the Academy will be worth it.

    20. I always have a hard time getting myself to workout, but this sounds awesome! I’ve also had some good luck with this routine. Not too hard for us beginners lol.

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