Help! My Significant Other Doesn’t Want to Get Healthy!


We have a lot of rebels in committed relationships in the Nerd Fitness Rebellion.

Unfortunately, we also have a lot of rebels in relationships struggling to live healthier lives while their significant other isn’t on the same page quite yet…making living a leveled up life all that more difficult.

I tend to get a handful of emails with similar situations every week: from husbands worried about wives, wives worried about husbands, girlfriends worried about girlfriends, children worried about their parents, robots worried about their robots, and so forth.

[note: This article has been edited. Explanation at the end!]

Here’s the gist of most emails: 

Hey Steve!

Being healthy and living right has been very challenging to say the least.  I’m currently struggling with making dietary adjustments: I tried creating my own grocery list separate from my family, but found out very quickly that I truly cannot afford it.

I’ve not quit working towards my goal of a healthier lifestyle.  On the contrary, I am trying to bring my wife on board too so we’re in this together, but it’s an uphill battle.  She’s not ready to make the changes I am, and it’s making it difficult for me to stick with my plan.

I have a hunch there are plenty of readers out there who are financially obligated to eat what the rest of the family is eating and want to change, but may be meeting resistance from a significant other.  Too often I have been a quitter in the things I start, but I am so sick of the way I look and feel that it just disgusts me to even consider giving up now.  I want to be able to see my grandkids one day (my children are 3 and 7) and I want my wife to see them as well. 

I know there are people out there like me who may be considering giving up because the push back from someone so close makes it feel impossible. 

How to turn things around…

Slanted Hallway

This is a crappy situation, one that I’m sure a HUGE portion of the Nerd Fitness community is dealing with right now.

You are with somebody who you love unconditionally, yet they enable your unhealthy behavior and push back when you say you want to make changes.  In fact, when you tell your loved one that you want to lose weight or start eating better, they say something like “but I like you just the way you are.”

There are other (even more difficult) situations in which rebels have loved ones who have let themselves go physically and are scarily unhealthy…let’s be honest, there is NO good way to tell from somebody you love things like “you need to lose weight” or “you really should start exercising.”  If you are worried about this person, I bet they already feel incredibly self-conscious and will get immediately defensive if you open up a discussion with them about their health or appearance.

If you can relate to these struggles, it’s time to use a bit of Inception to get your uncooperative significant other on your side!

Plant the seed

Seedling emerges from rocks

As we’ve learned from Dom Cobb in Christopher Nolan’s Inception:

“What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient… highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed – fully understood – that sticks; right in there somewhere.”

If you have a significant other who is out of shape, not interested in getting healthy, and you find yourself worried about him/her, you can’t FORCE them to exercise or make healthier food choices.  Nagging them to exercise, or telling them they should exercise will NOT work. If it’s not your significant other’s own idea, he/she will reject it or quickly give up at the first sign of resistance.

You CAN, however, plant an idea deep in their subconscious that life is better when leveling up, inception style!  Note: We’re not advocating manipulation of your significant other – we saw how that worked out for Cobb’s wife in the movie!  Instead, we’re merely suggesting that you align the pieces in the right place so that when your significant other IS ready to change, they’re lined up for success.

REMEMBER: it took you years and years before you made the decision to get healthy; your significant other might be on a different timetable than you, so please be patient.  Here are some tips to make sure you are ready to help when they are interested in changing.

1) Just get the conversation started (thanks to Ramit for inspiration on this one).  Here are some examples: “Hey, I’ve been trying to lose some weight lately…what do you think about the Paleo Diet?” or “I’ve been reading this kickass website called Nerd Fitness lately and it has me thinking about how I want to make better habits.  Are there any bad habits of mine you’d like me to change?”  Yup, this is you throwing yourself under the bus, but at least it gets the conversation started!

2) Constantly ask for their advice and support on being healthier.  The goal is to get them talking about making healthier decisions, and make it more and more comfortable to bring up the conversation in the future.  When you find interesting articles about healthier living, share it with them and ask for their opinion.

3) Use me as the bad guy.  “Hey I read about this idea for habit change on Nerd Fitness…seems like it’s a little ridiculous, but what do you think?”

4) Try something together.  “____ Seems like a cool experiment, but I’m worried that I can’t follow through with it by myself.  Can we try this 30-day challenge together? I know you can help me stay on track.”

5) To borrow another quote from Inception: “Positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time.”  If they start making changes and you can notice a change (no matter how small), comments like, “Did you lose weight? You look great! Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!” will go a LONG way.  Become your significant other’s biggest cheerleader and supporter.

If you are constantly having an open discussion about health and wellness, sharing tips, asking for opinions and advice, HOPEFULLY you’ll get to the point where one day your significant other comes to you with an idea of their own that they’re “gonna try to lose a few pounds and try this ‘getting healthy’ thing.”

Build your team

Inception Team Sleeping

Once you’ve explained that you are working on improving YOUR life, you may still face pushback. Getting your significant other on your team is essential. If you are constantly trying to eat new types of food, to cook instead of getting fast food, or doing more active things and spending less time with your significant other, it can lead to hurt feelings and poor results…and we don’t want that.

Instead, you need to get your loved one on your team! You have a few options here:

Set a reward – Explain that you’re in a weight loss competition at work, and the winner gets $500 (this would be a good time to start a competition at work), and if you WIN, you’ll be spending that money on a romantic getaway for the two of you.  Suddenly, they’re working WITH you to win that getaway rather than sabotaging you with hurt feelings, a puss n boots face, Pizza Hut, and ice cream.

Find ways to be active together – Explain that you really need help staying on track, so you’d like to exercise together. Find activities that you both can do together, but don’t limit it to working out. Try hikes in the woods or park, a salsa dancing class, karate class, a yoga class, and so on.

Create a reward system with each other – If you have a significant other that is already interested in getting healthier, spend an hour with each other creating a fun spreadsheet of rewards for each other, keeping it as innocent or not innocent as you want – your call 🙂

  • Every time either of you loses a few pounds, you get a 30 minute massage or foot rub.
  • When you collectively lose a certain amount of weight, you get a special date night at your favorite restaurant.
  • Think of it like turning your life into a video game, except with way cooler, joint rewards.

Be a role model, not a dreamer

Chair tips over

While you’re trying to better yourself, until your significant other has fully jumped on board with the idea, you’ll face a barrage of well-intentioned but incredibly destructive comments like:

“Skip your run this morning, and sleep in!”
“Want to sit on the couch and watch TV tonight?”
“Why are you trying to change? I like you just the way you are!”

Your response needs to be something along the lines of: “Honey/Pumpkin/Muffin/Moonpie, I’m not doing this for you; I need to do this for me.  And I need your support.”

You need to become Captain Americathe inspirational and motivational person that will inspire THEM to want to change.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Volunteer to do the shopping and cooking.  Cook meals as often as possible, and do what you can to make them healthy.
  • Politely (but firmly) decline invitations for sweets, desserts, and other unhealthy snacks.  Don’t judge if he/she eats desert, but you do not have to eat poorly just because they do.
  • Become a super hero that always picks healthy options over unhealthy ones, with a loving smile.

Remember, you’re not doing this for him/her, you’re doing it for YOU (and your friends and family).  

Having a loving saboteur in your house will make this a challenge every day, which is WHY a Support Team, either offline or online, is so vitally important.  

How would you help?

Inception City

This is just one humble nerd’s opinion.

If you happen to be in a similar situation as our rebels who aren’t on the same page as their significant others, or if you WERE in a similar situation and found a great way to get healthy together, how did you do it? PLEASE share your successes and struggles with your fellow rebels in the comments below.

Let’s help build an army of nerdy superhero couples.



PS – I’ve made a few significant changes to today’s article.  After reading your comments, I realized that I didn’t do a good job with properly conveying the real issue at hand in today’s article – what to do when you and your spouse aren’t on the same page.  I have the utmost respect for the hard-working super moms and super dads of the Nerd Fitness community; I’ve edited “Sam’s” letter to be more encompassing of the dozens and dozens of emails that I’ve received from concerned folks about their significant others, boyfriends, and girlfriends.

I’m hoping we can continue our discussion on how to handle this situation of rebels who are struggling to get healthy while their well-intentioned loved ones are unknowingly sabotaging their efforts.

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    96 thoughts on “Help! My Significant Other Doesn’t Want to Get Healthy!

    1. The best thing you can do then is what is good for YOU. Eat right, exercise, and be happy about those choices. When you have more energy, you look good, and you don’t want to sit around and be lazy, maybe he’ll start to notice and want to make some small changes. If not…then maybe its time to think about what you really want in a relationship. If fitness and health is a priority, it’s time to have a serious conversation about why that is and what it means for your relationship (like living a long, healthy life together)

    2. A few things that have helped me: cooking a bunch of lean meat (usually a turkey breast or a bunch of chicken, and having easily accessable frozen veggies in the freezer and if my husband wants Salisbury steak (his favorite) i’ll opt out for some chicken and green beans… I’ve also used the children to my advantage “we should buy less junk food and more healthy snacks “for the kids” they don’t need all that sugar and salt”, which he agrees with, so we end up with less snacks!

    3. No offense to my significant other, but I find it’s much easier for me to stay on track with Primal living when I’m not around him. It sucks because I want to live with him, but he’s kind of stuck in his ways diet and exercise-wise and since I’m fairly new to this whole process (started June 2012), it’s nice to live on my own and only keep good foods around the house/make time for working out.

      It also helps that I’m not in college anymore too. Definitely helps that I’m not stressed for time anymore .

    4. My wife sees through all this and has become even more resistant because she thinks I’m trying to manipulate her…

    5. Hi Steve, thank-you for this post. It’s something I somewhat relate to, especially this year since I decided to change up a few things in my eating and exercise. I’ve lost around 20kg since February and my partner is very proud of me but I tend to catch him saying things like “I should really do more of x” and “I should probably eat less of y”. My biggest piece of advice for him is to not worry about changing all the things that bother him and instead to pick one thing to work on. I’ve never nagged at him about exercise or food, instead I invite him to join me in using my cities hire bike scheme to ride to or from work. Sometimes he’ll suggest that we walk home from a date instead of getting the ferry. It takes less than hour to walk home.

      Something that we both really enjoy and have done a few times is to have walking progressive dinner dates. It’s spring where I am and the evenings are cooler, not too hot or cold, it’s nice to walk 15mins to nearby restaurants and have dinner then walk along the river to another dining precinct and get dessert; then walk home. It isn’t strenuous, hard or competitive and we get to spend time away from our computers and outside. The walking means I’m also less likely to overeat and be uncomfortable while on the move.

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    8. I meal prep on the weekends for the whole week so I can make sure I have healthy lunches and dinners ready. One recipe I do for chicken is just boneless skinless chicken. Throw it in the crock pot, add lime, whole stems of cilantro and add some taco flavored seasoning. I use (cumin, adobo, and jalapeño powder). Literally let that cook for 3-4 hours and that’s it. I’ll make rice as a side and add cilantro and lime or just do mixed veggies.

    9. What if they still don’t want to change ? And tell you that your own dedication to being heathy is ridiculous ? 15yrs later 25+ pounds more, while I have maintained ?

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    11. So I need your advice:

      A little over a year and a half ago my, once very fit and adventurous, boyfriend was in an accident and injured part of his leg. This caused him to lose a lot of his muscle mass and get out of shape. Sadly it still hasn’t completely healed and the only thing to do is baby steps back into everything strengthening back up. So no mountain biking, climbing, or anything that would be very jolting on his leg. So that pretty much leaves walking and elliptical (the most boring of exercising) along with any upper body workouts, so long as he doesn’t put to much pressure on his leg.
      Both my boyfriend and I Cosplay (dressing up and going to conventions). We spend a lot of time fabricating our costumes and both want to look good in them, of course. Last year I busted my tail to reach my goal. I approached last year with the attitude that I was doing it for myself, I’d love for him to join me and encouraged him to do so, but at the end of the day it was about me achieving my goal. I did everything I could to be supportive and offer “suggestions” like “let’s go walk the dog” or “the gym down the road has a super cheap discount if you join with me”. I was very careful to never try to ask him to do something outside of his limitations. But he resisted and went a total of 2 times to the gym. I didn’t harp him. At the end of the day, it was about me wanting to reach my goal.

      This year, I have that goal again however it’s a bit tougher. He has been vocal about how he is unhappy with his physical state. But he refuses to do anything about it. I get so frustrated since I am working so hard and make the sacrifices that I do but he won’t do anything but complain. It’s also frustrating that I’m met with the reason that it’s because he finds it boring. Well no one said you were going to love it right away. Baby steps are needed. You can’t get anywhere without a few smalls steps, right? I feel guilty, as if I expect him to do what I do. But it’s hard to not think “If I can do it so can you buttercup”. I know that if he doesn’t do something now, come at the end of the year (when the event is) he will be very upset that he doesn’t fit into the costume the way he wants. Dun Dun Dun… spandex!

      What do I do?

    12. I have been dating my partner for almost a year now. When we first started dating, she was a die-hard gym fan, meal prepped every Sunday, and was working hard to keep her weight loss off. She recently had an ankle replacement and is still in recovery. She has not been able to do the same heavy weight lifting that she used to, but is still eating 6-7 meals a day to support this workout plan. I have tried to kindly suggest that she look into changing that routine, but she says she is used to eating that much. I have started to see her weight gain return, most likely because she is not lifting the same heavy weights or replacing that activity with cardio but keeping the same caloric intake. I have sort of given up and often just say yes when she asks if I want to go to Pizza Hut, get Mexican, [insert other junk food here]. It’s not that she doesn’t want to eat healthy, she does and knows how to do so, but just has fallen off the wagon I guess?
      I don’t know what to do and I’m at a loss because I love her but hate to see her gaining the weight back that she worked so hard to lose.

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    14. When I tried to discuss making improvements to our diets by radically reducing carbs, sugar, sodium from them by eating fresh foods instead of processed foods, my ladyfriend resisted, always saying “I’ll have to stop eating altogether if I do that !”, or words to that effect.

      My solution ?

      I moved out of the apartment that we had shared for nearly 10 years, and dumped her along with the bad diet.

      That was 4 months ago. I have lost 10 pounds since then. She has continued to gain weight and spends more time with her hippo-sized daughter. I learned from a mutual friend that her daughter will be taking my place in my ex’s apartment. Good ! They’ll reinforce each other’s shitty diet.

      My ex’s ex-husband was willfully committed to a shitty diet. He developed type II diabetes. Nevertheless, he chose to continue eating unhealthily until his choice killed him last year at age 58.

      I guess my ex and her porcine daughter are just going to have to learn the hard way as her ex did that bad choices can and do have deadly consequences.

    15. Yeah, love my wife. I’m a 25bmi after losing 30kgs but yeah my wife is a 48bmi and struggling to walk properly. I have been a pain the arse. I need to stop Nagging and I realise that now. I need to enjoy whatever time I have left with her and hope it doesn’t risk our toddler or plans for more kids with her lack of mobility anymore than it already has (multiple miscarriages).

      I trained to the point I passed the marine PFT standard and fasted for up to 3 days to prove a point over 2 years about weight and health…. Spent thousands for her on PT, apple watches, fit bits, Bluetooth headphones, gym memberships, etc.

      Doesn’t matter how fit you are or the example you have become it has to come from within her.

      Just live as happy a life as you can and there will come a point she cares enough about herself and her family to do it. Just don’t be an asshole about it, it doesn’t work… trust me

    16. What do you do if you support, but the person just dreams about getting healthy? Or does not follow through? We went the paleo diet, she lost some weight, but would come up with excuses to eat bad again after doing so good. This would continue for a month and then the idea of getting in shape would come around. Every time I brought up the subject she gets mad at me and she says that I don’t love her. We are trying to conceive and she has other habits that are not healthy so I am trying to find a way to let her know that I want her to be here for 50, 60 years more and to enjoy our children, but that does not seem to get through. Every time I travel for work, I come back and she is back to her old habits of buying comfort food. I’m getting tired of it and even though she agrees with me on getting healthy, she does not change her attitude. What do you suggest?

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    25. ????? My significant other is a bit resistant…but he knows better than to pull something like this. I had weight loss surgery nearly 2 years ago. I used to be your ex girlfriend…and I never want to see 500 lbs ever again in my life. I had to dump an ex over this, because he knew I had just had surgery, but was trying to get me to eat hamburgers (which I cannot eat). Sometimes leading by examples doesn’t work. In my case, I got criticized if I ate some potato chips or ice cream. Nearly 2 years later, I’m down 84 lbs and this person has ballooned up to 300 lbs. Some people can’t be helped and it took me a long time to realize it.

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