Nerd Fitness Rebel HQ House Cleaning

It’s house cleaning time over here at Nerd Fitness HQ!

My first week of working full time for the Rebellion went incredibly well; now that I’m settled in, this is the week where I really start to step on the gas pedal for my whole “this is my future” thing.  This is what went down since we last talked.

New How-To Video Page

If you’re on the site now, you’ll notice at the top of the page that there’s two new tabs, one of which is “How-To Videos.”  Under this tab, along with links to the two “Body Weight Circuits” that I posted earlier this year, you’ll also find links to almost 100 videos of me doing various exercises out in a local park.

Why did I video myself doing 100 exercises?

These are the exercises that I use in the upcoming Rebel Fitness Guide available for sale through the site (hopefully out by early to mid July).  Rather than trying to find a way to password protect these instructional videos and only give them to people who buy the guide, I decided instead to just put them up for free on YouTube.  Of course, the four months worth of routines (with specific numbers of reps and sets) will only be available in the guide; but the videos will always stay free.

If you’re creative and want to take a chance at creating your own workout routine, you can use the How-To page as a menu to create your own plan.

(Not so) funny story: It took me forever to edit these damn things, and then after uploading all of them I realized that I had only exported them at standard resolution. Suck. So, I spent an extra four hours this morning re-uploading all videos in 720p HD so now you can actually tell me what I’m doing in each one.

Go check ’em out!

“Start Here” Page Added

I’ve also added a “Start Here” page for people who are just discovering Nerd Fitness for the first time. Finding a new blog with a ton of posts can really be overwhelming, so I put together this page as sort of a primer for what to expect when reading: instructional and inspirational posts surrounded with nerd humor.  Hopefully this will help new readers become quickly acquainted with the Nerd Fitness philosophy and community.

Check it out here!

Updated About NF Page

And last but not least, I also went ahead and updated the “About” page to reflect my recent decision to throw caution into the wind and dive headfirst into the Nerd Fitness Rebellion.  Not too many changes, but it’s definitely been beefed up.

Check out the updated NF page here.

Twitter and Facebook

In case you’re not already doing so, consider following Nerd Fitness on Twitter! I realize the numbers are completely arbitrary and ultimately pretty useless, but NF is only 4 people short of 1000 followers and four digits is WAY better than three.

Also, there’s been some good debate recently over on the Nerd Fitness Facebook page, including discussion on Universal Studios’ decision to turn certain fans away from the new Harry Potter ride from being overweight.  Why not join the party?  I’ll bring Twister.

How Was Your Weekend?

Other than the US choking in the World Cup, I had a pretty damn good weekend.  My first week of the 4th 28-Day Challenge was a big success too, and I’m looking forward to building on that momentum.

How did YOU do with your first week in your challenge? Make sure to post your progress in the Roll Call thread on the boards!


PS – Now that the US is out, who should I root for?  Tell me who and why in the comments and then I’ll throw my irrationally passionate support behind them.


photo: Iwan Gabovitch

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7 thoughts on “Nerd Fitness Rebel HQ House Cleaning

  1. Sweet changes made… I like the starting stuff, it's informative and fun. Posted my stuff on the message boards for the challenge so far.

    And now that the US is out, you root for natural disasters to indefinitely postpone the tournament so that there will be no winners, of course!

  2. Thank you Steve! Looking forward to the journey.

    I would say support England now that the US is out, but erm…. well… woops!

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