Welcome to the Newly Designed Nerd Fitness!

So, you might notice things look a bit different around here…

About a month ago, I spent some quality time in San Francisco with my friend Chase Reeves: designer extraordinaire, part of the Fizzle.co team, and one of the funniest goons I’ve ever met.  We sat side by side for a week cracking jokes, making fun of each other, and redesigning Nerd Fitness from the ground up.

That labor of love is what you see before you today!

With Nerd Fitness getting a complete overhaul today, I figured this is a great opportunity to show you around.

While we’re still working on a few bugs, fixing some old pages, and will be rolling out updates to the message boards and social media pages soon, I’m glad you’re here to check it out!

What’s new?

Landing Page

For starters, we now have a brand new, redesigned Home Page at NerdFitness.com.

If you want just the blog, update your bookmark to NerdFitness.com/blog !

This is where you can sign up for the Rebellion, learn what Nerd Fitness is all about, and more.

We’ve also created a page specifically to highlight some of our best success stories, one of the parts of Nerd Fitness I’m so proud of – normal folks like you, me, Joe, Staci, and Saint who have changed their lives and are inspiring others to do the same.

Along with all of that, there’s a page just for our best resources, a page that highlights our fitness guides, and easy access to our apparel (which is getting redesigned too!)

I’d love for you to poke around and tell me what you think!

Dynamic design

Landing Page 2

If you happen to frequent Nerd Fitness on your mobile device or iPad, you’re finally able to get the full NF experience!  

The site is now optimized for any and all resolutions.

We get over 300,000 visits a month on mobile platforms, and those folks had been poorly neglected for far too long.

Not anymore!

Regardless of what platform you use (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, iPad, laptop, GIANT computer screen, etc.), this site will always allow you to get everything you need in a stylish manner, find the articles you want, and give you the resources you need.

The NF Six-Week Challenge kicks off today!


The new Six-Week Challenge starts today!  

Simply follow the instructions, pick your three or four goals, join a team, and get started. It’s free, and you’ll have about 16,000 people ready, willing, and able to support you on your quest for a leveled up life.

We have over 1100 people signed up already!

I’ve joined up with the Assassins for this challenge, and here are my goals.

A note on goals: “I will lose ________  pounds in 6 weeks” is an okay goal, putting your focus on building a habit is much more powerful:

  • “I will work out three days a week and go for walks on my other three days, even if it’s just for five minutes.”
  • “I will cook one healthy meal a day.”
  • “I will replace one soda with green tea this week, two next week, etc.”

And remember, the scale can lie; body fat percentage, how you look, and how you FEEL is far more important.

So put your focus on the healthy habit, and your appearance will follow suit.

Hope to see you over there on the Nerd Fitness message boards!

The Nerd Fitness Library!


Last week, I announced that we were hoping to help build a “library” down in Peru by donating 100% of profits from all NF apparel until June 7th.

I’m proud to say that we reached our initial goal in roughly four hours (Ha!)…and then it’s picked up even more momentum since then!  I don’t have an official total amount yet, but let’s just say it’s big.

I freaking love this community.

On a related note, with us selling an obscene amount of apparel, a few items are backordered, and will take an extra week or so to get back in stock.  Feel free to place your order now, and we’ll be shipping out items as SOON as humanly possible when we get them back in stock.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks again for being so awesome.

A little help?


Meet Boozer, my friend Tyler’s dog (he’s the one on the left).  This picture isn’t exactly relevant, but was too funny not to share.

Let us know how the new site looks for you!

Have you spotted a bug? See an old article that needs fixing? Have an idea for the site? Let us know at contact@nerdfitness.com

Also, I’m on the hunt for more success stories!  If you have a success story thanks to Nerd Fitness (with before/afters), PLEASE email me at contact@nerdfitness.com

Last but not least, I’m going to be adding a page for testimonials too!  I’d love if you left a comment on this article that answers the question:

How has Nerd Fitness helped you live a better life?

Thanks again for being part of the journey.

For the Rebellion!


Today’s Rebel Hero: Thomas Frank, creator of College Info Geek, dominating Japan in his NF Superhero T-shirt.  

Not gonna lie, Thomas just raised the bar as far as epic NF apparel photos go:


Want to be the next Rebel Hero? Take a photo of you doing something epic in your Nerd Fitness gear and send it to contact@nerdfitness.com so we can feature you on the site!


photo source: storm trooper present, six, scrolls

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  • porchcricket

    It looks a bit better with the new sizing but I personally think the message is too weight loss centric. There are so many people here who are looking, like Steve did, to get stronger and gain muscle. If someone new in that position sees the headline the way it is now it could turn them off.

  • Orcwarrior

    Steve, love the look of the new page, looks sharp. I did notice that one of my favorite features seems to have disappeared – the listing of old blog posts by category. I’ve been working my way slowly through a lot of the old blog posts by subject, and it’s been very helpful in expanding my knowledge of how to get fit intelligently. If there’s any way to bring that back, I’d love it. But either way, NF continues to be a great resource and help for me.

  • Thats great news, Being healthy is the first step !

  • The Question

    I’m liking the new look site, very slick.


  • DexterMorgan

    The text on your site is too big, reading your blogs gives me a headache rather then knowledge about fitness. User legibility is very important on blog sites since there is a lot of writing involved and getting your users to read your long articles means legible font-size on the web. Your users may not notice or just not bother worrying about it, but I am positive that if you bring your font down from 19px to lets say 16 to 14px, they will thank you for it and you will have an easier time scrolling down without having to miss a beat!

    – King regards from a fitness freak/web designer

  • @DexterMorgan – I can’t speak for Steve, but I can say this seems to be the new trend with many sites (it possibly started with the Thesis WordPress theme popularity) in addition to flat graphic design. Depending on your browser and connection device, one quick fix is to hold down the CTRL key and scroll your mouseball to quickly change the text.

  • Ben F.

    Nice, clean look. Love it! The only two things I found a little weird, as a user, was that when I land on the home page the Popular Posts is on the left, and the newest blog post is on the right. Reading from left to right, I think it looks better to have the newest blog post on the left. Also, after clicking on the blog post to expand it, it moves to the lefthand side, and the Popular Posts is on the right, but has been renamed Classic Posts. Not sure if you meant to have the separate names, because you will update one but not the other?

    1. How it works now is great, but *my opinion* is that the newest blog posts should be on the left on the homepage.

    2. Popular Posts and Classic Posts. Possibly a typo, unless you have it planned that way.

    Nice work!


  • Jenn


    No, seriously! Ive been thinking for months about how awesome it would be to listen to your blog in the car, or while im cooking, or on a run… Think of the POSSIBILITIES!

  • Chase did a great job! Looks really good, Steve.

  • Finally, adaptive layout. Awesome!

  • Almost Genius

    I’m in an iPhone 4S, and every time an article has a video, I can read up to the video, then everything else is covered by it. It’s really annoying because I can’t always get to my laptop and there’s a lot of articles with videos I want to read >:( I’d appreciate a fix to this 🙂

  • จรัญ จอมวงศ์

    such a good ideas thank man


  • จมาพันธ์ ชูตา
  • KHAN

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