The Ultimate Guide for the Best Core Exercises (How to Strengthen Your Core)

This runner definitely has a strong core!

So you want to learn about the best core exercises?

Well my friend, you’ve arrived at the right place!

We help men, women, and intergalactic bounty hunters grow strong as part of our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program, and we always put an emphasis on core muscles when we build client workouts.

Here’s what we’ll cover to answer the question, “What are the best core exercises?”

Alright buckeroo, let’s do this thang!

How to Fight the Tired Parent Syndrome

tired parent

If one thing’s true about parenting it’s this: it’s bloody tiring.

Any parent will tell you that as soon as Player 2 or 3 enters the game, the sleep level difficulty instantly shifts from ‘tutorial’ to ‘expert’.

But have no fear, we’ll set you up with some tips to help you regain a little energy.

Many folks in our Online Coaching Program are parents (as well as the coaches themselves!) so we have all sorts of advice on how to stay energized with kids around. 

Here’s what we’ll cover today:

Let’s jump right in.

Is Diet Soda Bad for You? (Should I Drink Diet Coke for Weight Loss?)

You asked for it: it's now time to learn all about diet soda.

There’s one question we get asked more than any other: “Is diet soda bad for me?

People want to know if Diet Coke will make them fat and make them sick, or if it’s all just a bunch of hoopla about nothing.  

We help our clients navigate challenges with soda (diet or not) in our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program, and we’re gonna tell you everything you need about diet soda below.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Let’s get right to it!

A Nurse, a Pandemic, and a Success Story

Sarah before and after

Meet Sarah, a member of Nerd Fitness Coaching who has one of the hardest jobs you can have today: a nurse in a hospital!

Want to know what’s incredible about Sarah?

During the toughest year and a half of her career, Sarah also managed to get healthy and build a body she’s proud of!

If your first thought is “that’s totally bonkers,” welp, you’re not alone my friend.

That was my initial response too!

I’m sure you’re excited to find out how Sarah achieved her incredible results, all while fighting the pandemic.

Let’s jump right in!

4 Strategies for Losing 75 Pounds

Brian before and after

I’d like to introduce you to Brian, a fellow Rebel in our Online Coaching Program who is currently celebrating losing over 75 pounds!


Brian’s achievements are truly amazing, considering all he’s gone through:

  • Old injuries? Check.
  • Losing and regaining the same weight over and over? Check.
  • Frustration over never maintaining progress? Check.

But then Brian decided enough is enough. This time, things would be different.

This time, Brian would ask for help.

I’m honored that he decided to trust us in this most recent attempt.

So let’s explore the plan that Brian and his coach created to make this time different!

The Ultimate Guide for Performing Lunges (Forward & Reverse)

A photo of one LEGO lunging at another with a sword.

It’s time to learn how to lunge!

The lunge is a perfect bodyweight exercise that doesn’t require any equipment, so I’m excited you want to learn more about them.

When we design workouts for our coaching clients, we often include lunges so they can train their lower body ANYWHERE. Today, we’ll share with you the goods on how our clients perform their bodyweight lunges. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Let’s jump (lunge?) right in!

21 Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners: Plus Videos of Complete Routines

A dog doing a downward dog

It’s time to learn some yoga poses!

Whether you’re comfortable on a yoga mat or you think a downward dog is just something your puppy does, you’re in the right place.

We teach yoga in our Online Coaching Program where some of our clients have used it to improve their back pain…like Brain here:

Brian's before and after

He also switched up his diet and lost 75 pounds!

I can’t wait to help you get started.

Today’s yoga poses will be broken out into three levels, for you to progress in difficulty.

What can I say, we love leveling up here at Nerd Fitness. Most of our poses are basic, Level One, in case you are completely new to yoga. However, we’ll include a few more advanced poses for further advancement.

We’ll start by discussing a little Yoga 101, in case you are totally lost right now and don’t know yoga from yogurt. If you wanna skip to your desired video or pose, just click on it.

Super Sweet Sequence Covering Basic Yoga Poses

Basic Yoga Poses (Level 1)

Beginner Yoga Poses (Level 2)

Intermediate Yoga Poses (Level 3)

Yoga Stretches for Desk Workers

Roll out the matt! Let’s do some yoga.

A Beginner’s Guide to Running: 4 Steps to Learn How to Run

After today's guide, you can run like the Flash...kind of.

So you’ve decided it’s time to start running?

Perfect! You’ve arrived at the right place.

We’ve helped thousands of people run injury-free and train for their first 5k or marathon, and we’ve put together everything you need to know below too! 

Here’s what we’ll cover in our guide to running:

If you’re interested in starting a proper running practice (which you are, ’cause you’re here), you may want to try our new app! It contains a fun adventure that will take you from sitting on your couch to running a full 5k – with plenty of benchmarks in between for you to find your groove. No guesswork needed, just tie your shows and follow along with the app. 

You can sign-up for a free trial right here:

How Do I Sleep Better? The Ultimate Guide for Improving Sleep

A Beginner’s Guide to Hiking: Everything You Need For Your First Hike!

A great place to hike.

Before you step foot in the great outdoors, read this guide!

There’s nothing more embarrassing than a city slicker getting lost in the woods, so let’s make sure you know where you’re going, what to wear, and what to bring.

That way your first hike will be fun, adventurous, and more importantly safe!

Today we will cover:

I’m happy you’re excited about hiking and I can’t wait for you to get started!

I took the above picture while hiking through Killarney National Park in Ireland many years ago, and every time I look at it, I can’t help but think of Tolkien’s Middle-earth masterpiece, so I apologize (not really) for all of the Lord of the Rings nerdery running throughout this post!

Our community members love hiking too. In fact, one of our recent success stories specifically cited hiking as one of the fun activities she loved to do to help her lose 50 pounds:

Christina started rocking pull-ups after Nerd Fitness Coaching

By the end of today’s post, my goal is to have you pick a trail, pick a date, and identify a fella or gal to join your fellowship (galship?).

Before we jump in, are you here because you’re learning to hike to lose weight? Did you hear it’s a fun way to exercise and get your body moving?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

As I mentioned, some clients in our uber-popular 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program used hiking as part of their weight loss training. These folks would rather head outside than jump on a treadmill, and our coaches designed a program so they could do just that!

Here’s how it works: your NF Coach will build a custom workout plan based on your experience level and goals. Training to climb up a literal mountain? Maybe you need to get rid of an old ring? We’ll create a plan to get you to the top!

Alright, let’s get you hiking!

A Beginner’s Guide to Biking: How to Cycle for Fitness

A picture of a LEGO on a yellow bike, and he's wearing a helmet!

Let’s get you up and rolling on a bicycle! 

Whether you’re using it for exercise or transportation, biking is a great way to stay active and explore the world around you.

That’s why we encourage it in our Online Coaching Program when we discuss fun exercises! 

Here’s what we’ll cover in today’s guide:

Let’s roll!

Ranada The Full-Time Student Lost 65 lbs. Here’s How:

Side-by-side of Ranada from September to July

Meet Ranada, a member of Nerd Fitness Coaching who is currently celebrating losing over 65 pounds in 10 months!

I’m so proud of Ranada, especially considering all the challenges she’s faced over the last year:

  • Being a full-time student, while also holding down a job – “So much reading.”
  • Needing to work out from home – “The idea of a gym stressed me out.”
  • The mindset that she had to figure it out alone – “Everyone makes it look so easy. I thought I had to do this without help.”

Oh, and there was also that whole pandemic that threw all our lives into turmoil.

It all came to a breaking point last year: Ranada went on a hike she thought she could easily do…but then ran into trouble.

The hike made her winded.

Megan lost 15 pounds by eating MORE

Megan before and after

“I thought it was crazy at first when my coach told me to start eating more, when my goal was to lose weight.

But then I tried it. And it worked.

‘Reverse dieting’ actually helped me lose the last few stubborn pounds.”

This is Megan, a member of Nerd Fitness Coaching who is celebrating hitting her goal weight.

What’s so interesting about her story is how she did it.

Megan’s coach saw that she was hitting a wall with her lower-calorie diet.

Instead of continuing, Coach Evan proposed they try something different: eat more.




You bet!

Let’s dive right into Megan’s story and what helped her crush the last year of NF Coaching.

Can I Teach Myself Olympic Lifts? (5 Exercises to Do at Home!)

The Olympic Rings

So you want to learn about Olympic lifting?

I get it! 

I could use a gold medal hanging off my wall too.

I kid, I kid.

Even if you don’t have plans on competing, performing the Olympic lifts can be a great way to build strength and power. It’s why we teach them in our Online Coaching Program for those that are interested.

And you DON’T even need a barbell or dumbbell to get started.

Here’s what we’ll cover today:

Let’s do this!

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