A Beginner’s Guide to Running: 4 Steps to Learn How to Run

After today's guide, you can run like the Flash...kind of.

So you’ve decided it’s time to start running?

Perfect! You’ve arrived at the right place.

We’ve helped thousands of people run injury-free and train for their first 5k or marathon, and we’ve put together everything you need to know below too! 

Here’s what we’ll cover in our guide to running:

If you’re interested in starting a proper running practice (which you are, ’cause you’re here), you may want to try our new app! It contains a fun adventure that will take you from sitting on your couch to running a full 5k – with plenty of benchmarks in between for you to find your groove. No guesswork needed, just tie your shows and follow along with the app. 

You can sign-up for a free trial right here:

7 Reasons You Hit a Workout or Weight Loss Plateau, And 5 Quick Fixes.

Are you experiencing a plateau?

So you’ve hit a workout or weight loss plateau the size of a…well, actual plateau, eh?

Have no fear, our step-by-step guide will get you back on track! (Plus, the most badass Bruce Lee quote you’ll ever read).

Whether you’ve stalled in your weight loss journey, strength training, or some other fitness benchmark, today we’ll tell you exactly how to keep progressing by sharing with you the exact tools we use with our coaching clients.

Don’t lose morale. Together we got this!

We’ll cover:

I know how demoralizing plateaus can be, especially when it comes to strength training and weight loss – they can be a total momentum killer!

It’s actually why we built our newest app, Nerd Fitness Journey! It’s designed so when you wake up in the morning, you know the exact next step to help you reach your goals.

You can try it for free right here, so this plateau can be a thing of the past:

5 Strategies for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome (to Get in Shape)

A character from Among Us, who probably deals with imposter syndrome.

Maybe you’ve felt this way: it’s only a matter of time before someone bursts through the door shouting “fake!” 

Then, they’ll have you hauled off to jail as a fraud…or ejected into space as an imposter:

A gif from Among Us, where the goal is to deal with imposters.

Well, feeling like a phony is a real thing and we’ve found it to be fairly common amongst our coaching clients.

Luckily, we’ve learned a few strategies for overcoming “imposter syndrome,” especially on how it relates to fitness. Today, we’ll share our tips and tricks with you too.

Here’s what we’ll cover today:

Let’s jump right in!

What is Imposter Syndrome?

Intermittent Fasting: Beginner’s Guide & Printable Calendar. Should You Skip Breakfast!?

Tony the Tiger wants you to keep eating breakfast. Should you, or should you try intermittent fasting?

“…Tony the Tiger tells us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It’s grrrrrreat!”

This adage about breakfast has become commonplace that it’s readily and unquestionably accepted as fact.

Well then, what’s with the growing popularity of Intermittent Fasting and SKIPPING breakfast?

(Tony just audibly gasped.)

We have TONS of Online Coaching Clients who do intermittent fasting, and we love helping people reach their goals in whatever path suits their life.

In this Ultimate Guide to Intermitting Fasting, I’ll teach you everything about the science of fasting and what results you can expect:

ALSO, if you’re interested, Nerd Fitness Journey has an intermittent fasting adventure that you can start today!

This fun habit-building app that helps you exercise more frequently, eat healthier, and level up your life, all while building your very own superhero!

Sign-up for a free trial right here:

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder? (How to Slay the SAD Beast!)

This photo shows Link about to do battle with the SAD monster.

Winter is approaching and with it comes SAD.

No, I don’t mean the emotion (although that’s part of it).

I’m talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Luckily, we have some tips and tricks for treating SAD that our Online Coaching Clients use. Today, we’ll share them with you too.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Disclaimer: We’re going to be discussing some issues that may be difficult for some going through a tough time. If you (or someone you know) aren’t coping so well, PLEASE see the links at the bottom of this article with some resources from all around the world. Obviously, we recommend discussing this information with your health professional – none of this is a diagnosis, but rather a starting point for discussion.

From here, mental health wizard and resident NF Family Rebel Correspondent, Dan Schmidt, will take it away:

What’s the Best Diet to Lose Weight? (Which Diet is Right for Me?)

This picture shows a LEGO family, who are looking for the best diet.

If you’re currently trying to lose weight, you might be asking yourself:

Which diet is right for me?”

What’s the best diet for weight loss?”

They’re great questions, both with many different variables to consider.

Today, we’ll unpack it all for you.

We focus on proper diet and nutrition extensively in our 1-on-1 Coaching Program, but we’re gonna tell you everything you need to know below too.

Here’s what we’ll discuss in answering “What’s the best diet to lose weight?”:

It’s a lot to cover, but DON’T PANIC

We’ll get through it together using science, stories from our very own community, and one too many pop-culture references:

Hang in there Spock, we're only going to get crazier with our nerd references today.

Let’s get started.

Paleo Diet Beginner Guide: 7 Things To Know Before Eating Like a Caveman!

This LEGO Caveman wants to learn more about the Paleo Diet too

So you wanna learn about the Paleo Diet, aka “the Caveman Diet,” eh?

Paleo is one of the most popular diets on the planet (up there with the Keto Diet), and I bet you have questions.

Well I got answers, sucka! And lots of LEGO photos.

In addition to helping people go paleo with our Online Coaching Program, we also create epic guides like this one that covers all the basics!

Below in this guide, I’m going to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the Paleolithic Diet (click to go right to that section):





Now, this guide is SUPER long, so we took the liberty of converting it into a nicely designed guide for easy consumption (not literal consumption, unless you print it on bacon).

Grab your Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet free when you sign up in the box below:

If you can actually apply the rules of the Paleo lifestyle, you can get some pretty solid results.

As the great Mr. Flintstone once said, “Yabadabadooooo!”

How to Lose Weight Fast: 9 Strategies for Quick Weight Loss

A picture of a scale and tape measure, tools for fast weight loss.

So you’re trying to lose weight fast, eh?

I hear ya. It’s what most people are after!

There’s just one problem. 

There’s an ABSURD amount of horrible advice out there for quick weight loss.

I’m looking at you “Weight Loss Tea” and “Fat Burner Cookies.”

SHAME! The Military Diet has nothing to do with the actual military.

Fortunately, us nerds at Nerd Fitness actually help people get healthy with things like “science” and “proven strategies that last.” 

We have thousands of success stories from our community and 1 million+ people tune in each month for our advice on getting in shape.

Below, we’ll share with you our 9 strategies for safe, sustainable weight loss. We use these as part of our Online Coaching Program and today you’ll learn them too. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

We have a lot to cover, so let’s jump right in!

The Beginner’s Guide to the Carnivore Diet: 5 Questions on Following an All-Meat Diet

Going Plant-Based: Following a Vegan Diet for Fitness

Should I Eat Fruit? The Ultimate Guide for Determining “Is Fruit Good for You?”

Should this LEGO eat berries? Daily? Let's find out!

Want to know how fruit fits into a healthy diet?

It’s a valid question! After all, it’s absolutely possible to lose weight eating fruit…and GAIN weight eating fruit! 

This is an area of focus for our 1-on-1 Coaching clients, but we’re gonna tell you everything you need to know below too.

Today we’ll help you determine how much fruit, and what kind of fruit, you should be eating. 

Here’s what we’ll cover to answer the question, “Is eating Fruit healthy?”

If you’re curious about where fruits and other foods such as potatoes fall on the “healthy eating” spectrum, you should check out the Nerd Fitness Diet guide and cheat sheet. It’s a level up system designed for you to adopt new healthy habits that will stick, by slowly progressing you from a newbie to an expert.

You can check it out for free when you join the Rebellion!

The Mediterranean Diet Beginner’s Guide (Can You Eat Pasta for Weight Loss?)

Can you eat shark on the Mediterranean Diet? Let's find out!

It’s time to learn about the Mediterranean Diet!

Maybe you heard it’s one of the best diets for overall health?

Or perhaps you’ve decided it’s time to lose some weight and you’re searching for a sustainable diet?

No matter what your motive, you’ve arrived at the right place!

We analyze different diets as part of our 1-on-1 Online Coaching, and we are really flippin good at it!

Here’s what we’ll cover in our Beginner’s Guide to the Mediterranean Diet:

It’s a lot to cover, so let’s jump right in! 

Time to get to weird…

We'll include gifs of animals acting like people all day here at Nerd Fitness!

Is Rice Healthy For Me? (Does White vs Brown Rice Matter?)

After today, you'll know all you need to about rice!

You’re here because you want to get the lowdown on rice.

Perhaps you’re wondering: Is eating rice healthy? Does it really matter if we eat white or brown?

Well my friend, you’ve come to the right place!

We provide nutritional guidance as part of our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program, and we know a thing or two on when and how to serve rice.

Here’s what we’ll cover to answer the question, “Should I be eating rice?”

Let’s jump right in!

The Beginner’s Guide to the Keto Diet

This sausage is definitely Keto, smart move Trooper.

If you have questions about the Keto Diet, well my friend, you’ve come to the right place!

We help our coaching clients completely overhaul their nutrition, including going low-carb, and today we’ll give you everything you need to start a Ketogenic Diet. 

We’ve learned a lot by helping people begin the Keto Diet: there’s plenty of good, there’s plenty of bad, and there’s plenty of ugly

Today, we share with you what we’ve discovered. 

Here’s what we’ll cover in our GINORMOUS Guide to the Keto Diet (click to skip to that section):

Whew. It’s a lot to cover. Even just typing out the Table of Contents was exhausting.

But hang in there!

You’ll learn how to do Keto right, plus I’ll share cute animal gifs to make sure you’re still paying attention, like this one:

This carrot will definitely knock this bunny out of ketosis.

If you don’t have a lot of time, but do want an exact plan to follow, I got you. Since this is a MASSIVE article (the longest published on Nerd Fitness!), if you’d rather read it in a snazzy digital guide form, you can download our Beginner’s Guide to the Keto Diet free when you sign up in the box below:

And yes, that is an egg wearing a cape of bacon.

Okay, let’s get into KETOOOOOOOO…

The Beginner Bodyweight Workout: Try this 20 Minute Routine At Home or Anywhere!

Teach you this beginner bodyweight workout, LEGO Yoda willSo you want to lose weight and get in shape, but you don’t want to leave your house?

Well, as your fitness Yoda, I will teach you a great bodyweight workout routine you can do anywhere: 

In your living room, at a park, or in a galaxy far, far away….

These are the types of workouts we build for our busy Online Coaching Clients, and I’m pumped to share it with you today! 

Here’s how we’ll dig into the different parts of this workout and get to the action:

Make sure you also download the Beginner Bodyweight Workout PDF so you can track your progress and level up at home.

I’ll send it on over when you join the Nerd Fitness Rebellion in the box below:

Note: If you’re here because your gym is shut down due to the outbreak of Covid-19, check out our guide “How to Stay In Shape (While Staying Inside).”

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