How to Make Paleo Shepherd’s Pie

This post is from NF Rebel Chef Noel Fellow adventurer, it has been a long day of travel and your party is hungry. They’re counting on you to feed them a warm, hearty meal that will replenish their life bars and energize them for upcoming challenges on your shared, mighty quest. Should you choose to take […]

How to Make the Easiest Chicken Ever

This is a post from Rebel Chef Noel. Imagine this: You come home from a rough day at work. You’re tired, a little bit grumpy, and definitely hungry. But alas! It’s the end of the week and you’ve managed to eat ALL the food you prepared…except one tupperware of leftover veggies. Uhf. But you’re a […]

5 Ways to Spice Up Eggs and Bacon

This is a post from NF Team Member Staci. Ahh, bacon and eggs – one of the most standard and easy breakfasts.  Plus, it’s Paleo! Whether you’re trying to lose weight or put on muscle, bacon and eggs is an awesome (and delicious) option. Before I learned to cook, I ate simple bacon and eggs […]

How Game of Thrones Can Make You A Better Cook

This is a guest post from my friend Darrin over at  I asked Darrin to write a guest post on getting started with cooking, and he asked if he could draw inspiration from Game of Thrones.  My response was, “duh.”  Whether you’ve only seen the show or you’ve read the books, there’s much to […]

10 Minutes of Prep: 10 Amazing Meals

This is a guest post from Catspaw, a Nerd Fitness Rebel who thinks deadlifts should be heavy, and healthy food should be delicious. “Cooking takes too much time” “Paleo is so boring!” New recipes can be intimidating, but that doesn’t mean that you have to live in drudgery of yet-another-night of boiled chicken and microwaved […]

The Definitive Guide to Bacon

Bacon.   Love it or LOVE it, we consume it in mass quantities, obsess over it, and add it as flavoring on almost every food imaginable. That’s because it tastes good on just about anything. However, there’s more to bacon than meets the eye (like Transformers, but with pigs), and we get a lot of questions: […]

How to Cook Salmon and Asparagus

This post is from the newest member of the Team Nerd Fitness, Taylor.  Taylor is the new Chief Wordsmith at Nerd Fitness, keeping everything organized, scheduled, and edited!  Want to learn more about Taylor (and the rest of Team Nerd Fitness)?  Click here. This stormtrooper desperately needs your help. He needs you to eat this […]

How to Eat Healthy At A Barbecue

Sniff Sniff. Smell that? It’s Barbecue season!  If you’re interested in making better food choices, it’s often tough to do so at a typical barbecue as you’re oftentimes surrounded by nothing but unhealthy options. Nerd Fitness to the rescue! Here’s a foolproof plan to enjoying yourself at a barbecue, keeping your friends and stomach happy, and […]

How to Cook Chicken Stirfry

My dear rebel friend, it’s time to grow up and learn how to cook a decent meal. I know, I know, the kitchen is a scary place: there’s all kinds of things that can set you on fire, a spice rack with spices you’ve never even heard of before, sharp objects that can slice and […]

How to Cook Steve’s Go-To Healthy Meal

I’m about as useless in a kitchen as a chef is with a lightsaber. Actually, that sounds awesome, so I’m way more useless than that. I’m a picky eater, I don’t know how to cook anything, and I’m an impatient S.O.B.  Honestly, I’d much rather play video games than spend an hour in the kitchen […]

3 Reasons to Buy a Blender

I’ve probably used a blender twice a day for the past 7 years. At this point, I can’t imagine my life without one. Okay, that’s a stretch.  But it certainly makes life a LOT easier, especially for people who need eat a lot of calories on a daily basis (like me).  This blog will mostly […]

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