How to Cook Spaghetti Squash

I LOVE spaghetti.  Growing up, I would get made fun of by my family for how much of it I would eat (seriously, two or three massive platefuls in one sitting). Not enough of a visual? How about this: as a toddler, I’d run into the dining room struggling to rip my shirt over my […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting – 2018 Update

“…But Tony the Tiger tells us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Grrrrrreat!” And Tony the Tiger would NEVER lie… Right? This adage about breakfast has become commonplace that it’s readily and unquestionably accepted as fact: “Want to lose weight? Make sure you start off with a healthy breakfast, so you […]

Going Paleo? 5 Things You Need to Know.

“Alright, I’m in. Let’s do this Paleo thing.” Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the Paleo Diet. Actually, if you’re living under a rock, you probably are doing a pretty good job at living a Paleo lifestyle…and I’m impressed you’re reading this. Anyways! Today’s article isn’t going to dig into […]

Vegetable Haters: How to Start Eating Vegetables

“Hey Steve, I want to start eating healthy, but I don’t like vegetables.  Can you help me eat healthier without having to eat vegetables?  Actually, I love corn, so can you tell me how to make more foods with corn?” “Hey man, hate to break it to you…but corn is actually a grain.” “Well shit.” […]

How to Make Paleo Shepherd’s Pie

This post is from NF Rebel Chef Noel Fellow adventurer, it has been a long day of travel and your party is hungry. They’re counting on you to feed them a warm, hearty meal that will replenish their life bars and energize them for upcoming challenges on your shared, mighty quest. Should you choose to take […]

Is Cholesterol Killing Us? A Beginner’s Guide to Cholesterol

For the past few decades, cholesterol has been portrayed as the Mini-Me of food. While dietary fat, AKA Dr. Evil, has no doubt been stigmatized as the truly evil madman that is ruining our health, Mini-Me (AKA “cholesterol”) has been branded as the evil sidekick, almost as equally responsible for destroying our bodies. We’ve been told for […]

How to Make the Easiest Chicken Ever

This is a post from Rebel Chef Noel. Imagine this: You come home from a rough day at work. You’re tired, a little bit grumpy, and definitely hungry. But alas! It’s the end of the week and you’ve managed to eat ALL the food you prepared…except one tupperware of leftover veggies. Uhf. But you’re a […]

How to Make Paleo Tacos

This is a post from our resident Rebel Chef, Noel Fernando. So you’ve mastered the art of the push up. You can almost do a handstand. Maybe you’ve even conquered the legendary Paleo Spaghetti. Dang, you’ve come a long way! Would the “you” from a year ago…heck, a month a go even recognize you now? My […]

How to Avoid Holiday Confrontation While Living Healthy

This is an article from NF Team Member Staci. Mom: “What flavor ice cream with your pie?” Me: “Oh, none for me, thanks!” Mom: “What do you mean? You love pie! You love ice cream! What flavor do you want?” Me: “No, see, I’m doing this thing called the Paleo diet, and I don’t eat […]

Is Gluten Really Unhealthy For Me?

Gluten-free, so hot right now. Gluten-free. Gluten has recently become a topic for discussion across the country as people attempt to get healthy (without having to actually make improvements to their diets or routines). On top of that, more and more people are discovering they have some sort of gluten intolerance.  A recent discovery shows […]

7 Strength Training Myths Every Woman Should Know

I hate almost ALL fitness marketing that’s geared towards women. If these marketers were telling the truth, they’d be saying things like: “Want to tone, tuck, and tighten those abs? Don’t waste your time with this!” “Want to banish that belly fat? This ab coaster won’t help!” “Want to get stronger? You’re gonna need to pick […]

How Game of Thrones Can Make You A Better Cook

This is a guest post from my friend Darrin over at  I asked Darrin to write a guest post on getting started with cooking, and he asked if he could draw inspiration from Game of Thrones.  My response was, “duh.”  Whether you’ve only seen the show or you’ve read the books, there’s much to […]

The Paleo Diet Debunked?

We’re big fans of the Paleo Diet around these parts. If you’re not familiar with it, essentially it’s a ‘lifestyle choice’ of consuming certain foods based on we’re how we’re allegedly designed to eat from an evolutionary standpoint. In short: cut out processed foods and grains, load up on veggies, meat, fish, eggs, fruits and nuts. […]

10 Minutes of Prep: 10 Amazing Meals

This is a guest post from Catspaw, a Nerd Fitness Rebel who thinks deadlifts should be heavy, and healthy food should be delicious. “Cooking takes too much time” “Paleo is so boring!” New recipes can be intimidating, but that doesn’t mean that you have to live in drudgery of yet-another-night of boiled chicken and microwaved […]

The Definitive Guide to Bacon

Bacon.   Love it or LOVE it, we consume it in mass quantities, obsess over it, and add it as flavoring on almost every food imaginable. That’s because it tastes good on just about anything. However, there’s more to bacon than meets the eye (like Transformers, but with pigs), and we get a lot of questions: […]

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