How Aylette Overcame Injuries, Grew Strong, and Started Winning Gold Medals

“See! Even runners should be strength training!” I couldn’t help but think this when speaking to Aylette. Now granted, I’ve been on the record countless times promoting Team Strength Training. However, Aylette is living proof of the benefit of growing strong. There was a time when Aylette would constantly hurt herself while running, where “anything […]

How Mark Adjusted His Mindset, Learned to Meal Prep, and Lost 65 Pounds.

“Here’s another example of the power of meal preparation.” Meet Mark: a busy father who does construction planning in England. He’s also a nerd who fancied himself a drink or two over a warm meal from the pub. All well and good, until Mark went to his doctor for a check-up. The report back? Not […]

How Kyle the Vegetarian Lost 27 Pounds and Started Crushing Pull-Ups

It is true: you really can’t outrun your fork. I kept thinking about this – over and over – when speaking with Kyle, one of our Nerd Fitness Coaching clients. You see, Kyle works for a non-profit that promotes bicycling as a major mode of transportation. As part of walking the walk – er, cycling […]

How Emily Started Picking up Barbells, Learned to Meal Plan, and Lost 65 Pounds!

“She is seriously crushing it.” When you speak with Emily, it doesn’t take long to realize how proud she is of leveling up her life. And she should be proud! What she’s accomplished is simply amazing. Emily, a dog walker from Chicago, had been obese her entire adult life – and it wasn’t like she […]

How to Start Powerlifting as a Woman: Staci’s Story

Ladies, meet your new hero. Men, prepare to be humbled. My friend Staci, or Spezzy as she’s known around the Nerd Fitness community, has one of the best transformations I’ve ever seen: Working a sedentary desk job, Staci slowly packed on weight and ate like a typical unhealthy American. She also smoked a pack of […]

How Joe Lost 50 Pounds, Ran a Half-Marathon, Passed the Bar, and Got Engaged!

Talk about a life level up! Meet Joe, an attorney from Minnesota who has been reading Nerd Fitness for the past 5-6 years. He attempted to get in shape 6-8 times in that span with various levels of temporary success, only to give back all of his progress each time. However, over the past 10 […]

How Kenney the Tabletop Gamer Lost 120 Pounds and Found His Voice (Literally).

“There’s no way that’s the same person, right?” Admittedly, that’s what I first thought when I saw Kenney’s before and after photos. There was just NO way that this Tony Stark looking dude on the right was the same person as the man in the other photo, right? And then I saw his other photos. […]

How Ruth the Physician Lost 10 Sizes and Renewed Her Life

Meet Ruth O’Mahony. She’s a 49 year old physician-turned health content manager who struggled for years with unhealthy eating, yoyo-dieting, lack of movement, and a constant struggle to stick with anything for more than a few weeks before life got in the way. This is something we can all relate to! Although she found Nerd Fitness […]

How a 330 lb High School Dropout Lost 140 lbs and Turned His Life Around

Talk about an Origin Story straight out of a comic book! At 330 lbs, Joe was unemployed and a highschool dropout. Living rent-free with his grandfather, Joe would sleep all day and wake up at the start of the evening. Having grown up with unhealthy habits, Joe says he’d been binge-eating as long as he can remember. […]

How Larry Beat Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Got Strong as Hell

Larry’s story put a MASSIVE smile on my face and I knew I had to share his story here with the whole Rebellion. A year and a half ago, he woke up with such intense pain that he could barely get out of bed. “The pain came on overnight and it was explosive and everywhere, I thought to […]

Stop Lying: How Painful Realizations Can Unlock a Healthier Life

This is a post from NF Wordsmith Taylor. Excuses are a tricky subject. Try to point out an excuse to a friend, and you’re sure to get blasted with his or her wrath, being called an insensitive jerk: “Easy for you to say!” “You have NO idea what it’s like.” “You don’t have this shit to deal […]

How Zach the Chemist Lost Over 100 lbs

Meet Zach – a huge goober and nerd, and a formulation/polymer chemist. For you non-science nerds, this means Zach makes coatings for magnet wires and gets to play mad scientist at his job. I can’t speak to the quality of his maniacal laugh, though. Zach’s story isn’t like some of our other heroes – there wasn’t a […]

How Ben Stark Lost Over 200 Lbs While Playing Life on Hard

Meet Ben Stark – a dude with one of the coolest names in the history of nerds, and our next member of the Nerd Fitness Hall of Heroes. He’s a 40-year-old social worker and mental health program coordinator for the VA. Ben’s story is one of my favorites for a very specific reason: it’s real. Ben […]

How Daryl the Fast Food Manager Dropped 100+ Pounds Following Nerd Philosophy

Daryl is a self described simple guy. Just a nerd who loves lifting and video games (hey, he’s in the right place!). Working in fast food management, Daryl has his share of willpower-challenges throughout the day. Previously drinking well over 100 oz of soda each day and skipping meals to…drink more soda, it’s safe to […]

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