How Ruth the Physician Lost 10 Sizes and Renewed Her Life

Meet Ruth O’Mahony. She’s a 49 year old physician-turned health content manager who struggled for years with unhealthy eating, yoyo-dieting, lack of movement, and a constant struggle to stick with anything for more than a few weeks before life got in the way. This is something we can all relate to! Although she found Nerd Fitness […]

How a 330 lb High School Dropout Lost 140 lbs and Turned His Life Around

Talk about an Origin Story straight out of a comic book! At 330 lbs, Joe was unemployed and a highschool dropout. Living rent-free with his grandfather, Joe would sleep all day and wake up at the start of the evening. Having grown up with unhealthy habits, Joe says he’d been binge-eating as long as he can remember. […]

How Larry Beat Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Got Strong as Hell

Larry’s story put a MASSIVE smile on my face and I knew I had to share his story here with the whole Rebellion. A year and a half ago, he woke up with such intense pain that he could barely get out of bed. “The pain came on overnight and it was explosive and everywhere, I thought to […]

Stop Lying: How Painful Realizations Can Unlock a Healthier Life

This is a post from NF Wordsmith Taylor. Excuses are a tricky subject. Try to point out an excuse to a friend, and you’re sure to get blasted with his or her wrath, being called an insensitive jerk: “Easy for you to say!” “You have NO idea what it’s like.” “You don’t have this shit to deal […]

How Zach the Chemist Lost Over 100 lbs

Meet Zach – a huge goober and nerd, and a formulation/polymer chemist. For you non-science nerds, this means Zach makes coatings for magnet wires and gets to play mad scientist at his job. I can’t speak to the quality of his maniacal laugh, though. Zach’s story isn’t like some of our other heroes – there wasn’t a […]

How Ben Stark Lost Over 200 Lbs While Playing Life on Hard

Meet Ben Stark – a dude with one of the coolest names in the history of nerds, and our next member of the Nerd Fitness Hall of Heroes. He’s a 40-year-old social worker and mental health program coordinator for the VA. Ben’s story is one of my favorites for a very specific reason: it’s real. Ben […]

How Daryl the Fast Food Manager Dropped 100+ Pounds Following Nerd Philosophy

Daryl is a self described simple guy. Just a nerd who loves lifting and video games (hey, he’s in the right place!). Working in fast food management, Daryl has his share of willpower-challenges throughout the day. Previously drinking well over 100 oz of soda each day and skipping meals to…drink more soda, it’s safe to […]

Six Months Ago I Recommitted to Fitness. Here’s What Happened…

Six months ago, I decided to re-dedicate myself to health and fitness. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Steve, you run a site called Nerd FITNESS, what do you need to rededicate yourself for? Were you not exercising this whole time?” I’ve been working out pretty consistently since I was 17.  I’ve gone up and down 15 pounds over […]

How Nick the Tobacconist Lost Over 60 lbs: A Nerd Fitness Success Story

Meet Nick, a bartender and tobacconist with an INCREDIBLE success story. Nick’s journey started in a place that many can relate to: Nick found himself winded easily, anxiety ridden, and self conscious. He never made made time for his diet. He’d work through his morning and simply order whatever he thought would fill him up […]

From Sloth to Super-Dad: How Ben Lost 100 lbs

Meet Ben, a 44-year-old fundraising and software consultant and father of two! Just earlier this year, Ben was living a sedentary life. At 280 lbs, classified as “morbidly obese,” Ben found he was unhappy with his current track, out of energy, and in need of a change. As someone who worked out of a home […]

An Update With Staci: OUR Powerlifting Superhero

You know Staci, right? Yeah, THAT Staci.  The woman who transformed herself a few years back after finding Nerd Fitness.  The one that can deadlift 385 lbs and squat 255 lbs ? That one 🙂 After Staci transformed a few years back, she started helping with the Nerd Fitness Community, soon after with Nerd Fitness […]

Meet Daniel, the Austrian Rebel Who Dropped 109 Pounds

Meet Daniel, the 24 year old from Austria who formerly worked in the video game industry. Like many that read Nerd Fitness, Daniel was the overweight kid growing up. When junior high came around, he was bullied and had a hard time fitting in. So he did what many of us did in the awkward […]

How Wes the Mac Tech Lost 115 Lbs

Meet Wes, an Apple Certified Mac Tech at a university Apple Campus Store, and a freelance trombonist. Wes was a never very active kid.  From an early age he was always a little overweight and developed some bad diet habits: I was resigned that I would always the fat friend with the wicked sense of humor. By […]

The Cosplay Hero: How Anne Lost 100 lbs

Anne (Hearthsinger on the NF Boards) is an artist and a nerd. She’s an actress, singer, and writer living in New York City, working as a tour guide during the daylight hours. Not too long ago, Anne was a slave to games like World of Warcraft, playing them in ever spare moment she had: I […]

Dynamic Dominic: How a Storage Programmer Lost 30 Pounds in 14 Weeks

Meet Dominic, the Rebel who lost over 30 pounds (14 kgs) in less than 4 months! Just a few months ago, Dominic found himself in familiar territory for many: minimal regular exercise, poor diet habits, and a daily routine that sucked all of the energy and life out of him.  Long story short: he was […]

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