How Robin Lost Over 100 Pounds: A Scout’s Life

When Robin was just 26 years old, her dad passed away at the age of 51. “It rocked me in a way that made me finally start to open my eyes and look at the girl in the mirror.” She was 267 pounds. “In a world of physical and emotional pain, I was just plain […]

A Real-Life Transformer: How Jake Lost 70 Pounds in 9 Months

Meet Jake, a 24 year old Rebel from the UK who lost over 70 pounds (32 kg) in 9 months! Jake, like many new Rebels, once lived an entirely sedentary lifestyle: “I would usually slump out of bed in the late afternoon straight to my computer. I’d browse the internet, browse forums, sitting around in […]

Meet Athena: The Goddess Who Lost 40 Pounds

Meet Bronwyn (AKA Athena): Rebel, powerlifter, and mother of two (four and six years old). Bronwyn’s story starts at a familiar place for many Rebels: Stuck in an unhealthy, sedentary routine, struggling to enact permanent changes. “Breakfast was usually some toast with freenut butter (sunflower seed butter), or maybe a couple of cookies grabbed on the way […]

From Sedentary to Super Parents: How Josh and Leah Lost Over 160 Pounds

Today, I want you to meet Josh and Leah (that’s them before their transformation) Josh has dropped over 100 pounds in the past six months; and Leah has dropped 60 pounds over the past eighteen months! This killer boyfriend-girlfriend tag team are raising a beautiful 18-month old daughter, working (Josh) and going to school full-time […]

The Three REAL Reasons Why People Succeed

We have featured some pretty incredible success stories on Nerd Fitness: Joe dropping 130 pounds in 10 months Saint going from 60 pounds overweight to less than 10% body fat Staci becoming a powerlifting superhero Stephen dropping 40 pounds in time for his wedding Veronica losing 40 pounds in four months There’s are a few […]

Meet Veronica: A Super Mom’s 4-Month Transformation

Meet Veronica, your newest superhero inspirational NF success story! Veronica is a medical assistant and continuing her education to become a diagnostic medical sonographer, and she’s managed to lose 28 pounds over the past few  months without TOUCHING a treadmill. Oh yeah, and she’s also a super mom of two!   I’m was very impressed […]

Lost and Found: Ryan’s 115 Pound Weight Loss Journey

Nerd Fitness rebels come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. They also come in every type of “nerd” possible: book nerds, video game nerds, cosplay nerds, tech nerds, programming nerds, and…even Bible nerds!  Today, I want to introduce you to Ryan. He is pictured above in his “before” phase, and […]

4 Months + 57 pounds Lost = One Happy Groom

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have a clear goal in mind. Six months ago, I received an email from a reader named Stephen who told me that he had a wedding coming up in May 2012, and that he hoped to get in shape for it.  After managing to go in the […]

10 Months. 128 Pounds Lost. The Best Transformation I’ve Ever Seen.

Move over Optimus Prime, I have a new favorite transformer. His name is Joe, and he has the best Nerd Fitness success story I have EVER seen.  In 10 months of following Nerd Fitness, Joe has lost 128 pounds. This picture is from Joe’s first day – wait til you see what he looks like […]

How Nerd Fitness Gave Me Super Powers

This is a guest post by Nerd Fitness community member Jessica Broughton. She has lost over 65 pounds since beginning her weight loss journey back in 2007, and more recently has lost 20 inches off her body since September (dang!).  Take it away Jessica! Step into my DeLorean and journey with me back to 2007. […]

Tony’s Awesome Success Story: 4 Months, 46 Pounds Lost. Win.

Meet Tony, a Nerd Fitness rebel and the man behind another kick-ass success story that needs to be shared with the world. His transformation was so inspiring that I featured him in my Google presentation and decided to do a whole interview with him today.  Here’s why: Back in November of 2010, I got an […]

60 Pounds Overweight to 6-Pack Abs: A Success Story

Meet my friend Saint, who has one of the most incredible success stories I have EVER seen. Saint and I grew up together in Sandwich, MA, becoming fast friends when we were on the same basketball team back in 5th grade and shared a love for video games. We maintained a great friendship through all […]

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