The Angry Birds Workout Plan

Please tell me you’ve played Angry Birds. Hopefully you’ve at least HEARD of Angry Birds, the game that pretty much took over every app store on every phone in every country in 2010.  Next time you see somebody holding an iPhone sideways, just asked them “Angry Birds?” and there’s a good chance you’ll get a […]

5 Travel Workouts: The Ultimate Guide To Get In Shape While Traveling

Ever said, “I’d love to get in shape, but I travel too much?” If so, this guide is for you! Today we’re gonna teach you exactly how to get fit no matter what type of business trip you’re on. We’ll cover: 5 Quick Travel Workouts (no equipment required). How to eat healthy while traveling. What […]

How to Meet People Through Fitness: A Step-by-Step Guide

It is said you are the average of the five people with whom you associate most. Take a few minutes and think who those five people are. Depending on your age, marital status, and job, this is most likely a combination of friends, family, and coworkers. So really think about these people: Are they healthy? Are […]

Becoming Antifragile: How to Prepare Yourself for Chaos

What would you say if I asked, “What’s the opposite of fragile?” Most would say unbreakable, strong, or sturdy. Author Naseem Taleb however, argues that the opposite of fragile isn’t strong or sturdy, but ANTIfragile. Right now, you’re probably thinking: “Steve, that’s not even a word. What the heck are you talking about?” Welp, I read Taleb’s book, Antifragile: […]

100 Ways to Join the Nerd Fitness Rebellion

Holy crap! At some point last week, we added our 200,000th rebel to the Nerd Fitness email list. That is a lot of rebels About five and a half years ago I had a simple idea: “hey, I’m a nerd and I like fitness, maybe there are other nerds who want to get fit too?”  Nearly 600 articles later, […]

10 Ways to Level Up Your Life in 5 Minutes or Less

Getting in shape and leveling up your life can be a daunting task. Like Frodo setting out from the Shire and walking to Mordor, the end of this journey might seem like something that is years and years away. However, just like Frodo, we have seen time and time again that the most important thing […]

For The Rebellion: A Rebel’s Holiday Poem

The snowy morning was dark and cold. Most content to sleep and snore away. There was but a lone misfit person, Who thought, “I think I’ll start today.”   As he walked towards the breakfast table, Covered with waffles, pancakes, and toast, “Just eggs and bacon please!” he said. “Oh, and black coffee, dark roast.”

What Kind of Nerd Are You? Stand and Be Recognized.

Hey, I’m Steve, and I’m a nerd. When I started Nerd Fitness five years ago, I wanted to help people who identified themselves as Nerds: people who followed hobbies and pursuits outside of the mainstream. I wanted Nerd Fitness and the Rebellion to be like Charles Xavier’s “School for the Gifted,” except instead of everybody […]

Dynamic Dominic: How a Storage Programmer Lost 30 Pounds in 14 Weeks

Meet Dominic, the Rebel who lost over 30 pounds (14 kgs) in less than 4 months! Just a few months ago, Dominic found himself in familiar territory for many: minimal regular exercise, poor diet habits, and a daily routine that sucked all of the energy and life out of him.  Long story short: he was […]

How Robin Lost Over 100 Pounds: A Scout’s Life

When Robin was just 26 years old, her dad passed away at the age of 51. “It rocked me in a way that made me finally start to open my eyes and look at the girl in the mirror.” She was 267 pounds. “In a world of physical and emotional pain, I was just plain […]

Steve Says Relax

This whole “diet and exercise” thing can be stressful, even panic-inducing.  This poor lego above couldn’t decide which health and fitness sources to trust, and unfortunately, went a bit crazy.  However, have no fear, my dear Rebel!   Today we’re going to learn one simple technique to break through the clutter and chaos and finally […]

The Definitive Guide to Bacon

Bacon.   Love it or LOVE it, we consume it in mass quantities, obsess over it, and add it as flavoring on almost every food imaginable. That’s because it tastes good on just about anything. However, there’s more to bacon than meets the eye (like Transformers, but with pigs), and we get a lot of questions: […]

Rage Against the Machine: How to Switch from Exercise Machines to Free Weights

Let’s talk about machines. Unless you can transform into a mac truck and fight the Deceptacons, or you’re a habit building robot, let’s talk about machines. Every commercial gym in America is LOADED with treadmills, ellipticals, and dozens of weight lifting machines (aimed to hit every individual muscle you have). Yet, you may struggle to […]