Food: Best and the Worst

I am a picky eater. It sucks.

In my quest to become healthier, I’ve tried analyzing what I need to eat, and what I don’t need to eat in order to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat. I have the metabolism of a cheetah, which means I can pretty much eat whatever I want and never gain weight. This is both a blessing and a curse. Because I’m TRYING to gain weight (good weight, mind you), this genetic “blessing” has doomed me for years. However, I also know that my metabolism is bound to slow down eventually, so I might as well try to set up good habits now so it won’t be a huge problem when I hit middle-age.

I’ve stumbled across a few articles that are pretty eye opening when it comes to things you think might be good for you and are actually quite terrible.

The article on the 20 worst foods in America can be found by clicking here.

My favorite has to be Number 13 – The Worst Salad. Bud Light’s take on this entree is nothing short of spectacular:

Onto the 125 best foods in a Supermarket. When you go shopping at your local Stop & Shop, Kroger, Ralphs, Piggly Wiggly, etc., keep an eye out for this stuff. Small changes here and there can make quite the difference over time. For example: though I grew up eating two peanut butter sandwiches every day on white bread, I’ve recently made the switch to Wheat Bread, and natural Peanut Butter. After about a week, I got over the fact that white bread “tastes better” and now I actually like the taste of wheat bread.

Today’s diet tip of the day: give up soda. Seriously. If you eat out for lunch and dinner, get water. Save yourself the 2 dollars (or whatever it is they charge for soda these days), and save your stomach from unnecessary calories and your teeth from like 40 grams of sugar. If you need the caffine fix, GET OVER IT. Once you start exercising on a daily basis, you’ll have more than enough energy!

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  • I couldn’t agree more Steve.

    Soda really is just about the worst “food” out there.  Even things like Twinkes have some fat to slow digestion, but soda will skyrocket your insulin and totally screw you up.

    Most people are low on energy because they’re already too dependent on carbohydrates for fuel.  Soda just makes this worse, and it acts very similarly to a drug.

    This isn’t surprising since it basically does the same thing: modulate hormones.

    Diet Sodas are a no go too.  Thins like Acesulfame Potassium (Ace K) have been shown to inhibit brain synapses and produce a large insulin response when paired with sugar (like when eating it with a meal!)

    Great advice man!


  • Joshua Brereton

    Soda is the worst thirst quencher ever! Nothing but empty calories.

  • Fato

    Hi. Finally I found a blog that can help me. Thank you. I’m from Mexico and I have been trying to live a helthy life since many years ago but before reaching my goal I always give up. Your articles and the stories of the people who have been succesful will surely help me 🙂

  • Joes4

    I agree

  • Crystal B

    Why is it that some people lose anywhere from 5-20 pounds just from cutting soda out of their diet, yet when I did it my weight did not change?

  • Kelley Maycott McGuire

    I’m not saying this is you but I also cut out soda years ago and still gained. My husband and I had this conversation and concluded that I must have unknowingly replaced the calories with some other food. If a person ends up losing then they are obviously not replacing it with more calories. A 150 calorie soda can be replaced real easily over several meals and if your body is craving that sweet it will find it without telling you.

  • Crystal B

    That makes sense. I probably did do this from time to time. Thanks for you input!

  • Crystal B

    That makes so much sense. Thank you! I had never thought of that before.

  • Kelley Maycott McGuire

    You’re so welcome ☺

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